Do skinning for application with 2 lines source code ! Windows applications GUI skinning libarary for VC C#
VB.Net Delphi Visual Basic C ++ Builder win32 program
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AppFace UI Development Kits(AUDK) is a shareware , users should pay register fee to get the full version . After purchase , you can :

  • Get proper register info to load powerful URF skin .
  • Enclose AppFace library and URF skins as modules into your commercial software for unlimited distribution without any extra costs.
  • Six months technical support by E-mail
  • Free upgrades (binary files).

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What is AUDK ?

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Do skinning for application

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  • We accept all major credit cards,check, wire transfer and paypal,or you can order by phone, fax , mail and money order.
  • Order AppFace on a CD is available.





Standard Edition

Including :
  • The skin component ( appface.dll )
  • The free skin editor ( skintool.exe )
  • Samples , manual and URF skins
AppFace For All ( With Static Library ) * $ 439 USD
AppFace For All ( Without Static Library ) * $ 279 USD
AppFace For Delphi & C ++ Builder $ 79 USD
AppFace For Visual C ++,PureBasic and Win32 SDK $ 89 USD
AppFace For Visual Basic 6.0 $ 99 USD
AppFace For Visual Basic.Net & C#.Net $ 149 USD
AppFace For VC (DLL + Static Library) ** $ 249 USD


Launch Environments

For Win 32 OS , including : Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

appface.dll/appfaceu.dll can be used to VC,VB6,Delphi ,BCB,C#.Net,VB.Net, Power Basic ,Pure Basic projects.

appfacelib.lib can be used to Visual C++ (VC) projects only .

For Win 64 OS , including : Windows XP/Vista/2008/7

The 32 bit applications compiled by VC,VB6,Delphi ,BCB,Power Basic ,Pure Basic works well with AppFace skin library on Win 64.






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Standard Edition Specifications

The personal license is corresponding this edition, it granted one person who purchased AppFace to develop/distribute software with it .

Although skinning function and files are the same for registered copy and unregistered copy, the unregistered one could load basic URF skin only

Above products share the same file, the only difference lies in register code. If register code you buy is different from your R&D tool, some GUI CANNOT be skinned ! For example, if the main program is based on Visual Basic 6.0, but there are some VC and C ++ Builder control, the whole application UI cann't be skinned if you buy AppFace For Visual Basic 6.0 . However, this will not happen if you buy AppFace For All.

AUDK adopts electronic distribution method via internet. You can download AppFace latest version here .

After you purchase AUDK, you only need to enclose appface.dll and URF before you distribute softwares.

* AppFace For All means this type license code can be used to VB6/VC/Delphi/C++ Builder/ VB.Net/C#/Win32 SDK/PureBasic/PowerBasic projects .

** The Static Library should be used to MS VC 6.0/ 7.0/ 7.1/ 8.0 projects with "Use MFC in a static library" compiled condition . The binary files compiled by the static library can be distributed anywhere without any MFC or AppFace libraries . The static library is "Release" version , and does not offer a trial , since it has the full functions as the same as appface.dll. Please use appface.dll for trial or debug version .


AppFace UI Development Kits License Statement

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Source Code Edition

Including both the source code and the binary files files of the Stanard Edition :

  • The binary files and the source code files of AppFace skin library ( appface.dll and appfacelib.lib )
  • The binary files and the source code files of SkinTool.exe
  • Samples , manual and URF skins
  • The documentation - AppFace Skin Library Program Guide
  • Upgrade : single license 6 months ; corporation license 12 months
  • Technical support(e-mail) : single license 6 months ; corporation license 12 months
Single License $ 999 USD
Corporation License $ 2999 USD


Source Code Edition Specifications

All the souce code projects mentioned above are developed by Visual C++ 6.0 (with MFC) .You can build them with Visual C++ 6.0 ,7.0 ,7.1, 8.0,9.0,10.0(MFC needed) .

***The source code edition includes all the souce files of the Standard Edition , excepts the license code management module . It need not that again,since you have got the souce code !

Single License : One license for one developer use.
Corporation License :  License the corporation to receive one copy of the distribution software and to duplicate the software for any number of people or workstations within the corporation.

  Learn more about the Souce Code Editon



AUDK Source Code Edition Statement

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Purchase Options

We accept all major credit cards, check, wire transfer and paypal, or you can order by phone, fax , mail and money order .
  • Online orders are processed in real-time. You will receive details immediately via email on how to obtain your licensed products .
  • If your order included the static library, you will get a secure download URL of the libraries .
  • Order AppFace on a CD is available .
  • Prices exclude sales tax or value added tax (VAT). Applicable tax will be added depending on your location, except for tax-exempt orders.



The skinning function of AppFace UI Development Kits trial version is as the same as the full version, and the basic URF skins can be used with no time limits and with full functionality for evaluation purposes. Because we offer an evaluation option, we do not accept any returns nor offer any refunds once we have released the registration information.



The above box picture indicate the product is a software only . AppFace do electronic delivery , you will NOT get any noumenal boxes after purchase .


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