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AppFace UI Development Kits Standard Edition V3.95 build 120120
Release date: Jan 20 ,2012 What's new ?
  • Included the skin library , one basic URF skins , a few powerful URF skins , technical manual and the skinnable sample projects
  • Supported VC,Delphi,C#,VB.Net,Visual Basic,C++ Bulider, PureBasic, Win32 SDK
  • Compatible with Windows 9X/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows7/2008Server
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AppFace 30-day Trial Service ( 50 KB )
  • The service allows the unregistered users load powerful URF skin successfully within 30 trial days .
  • The unregistered users without the service could use basic URF skin only.
  • Some anti-virus maybe mistaken the service as virus or trojan. AppFace Team promise the package is AppFace Trial Service only , it is harmless for your computer and data .
  • It would exprie immediately if modify the system time after the service has been installed.
  • The service is compatible with 32-bit 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7 only .
  • Administrator privilege needed to install on WinNT and above platforms, no right requirements for running.
Download ( 50 KB )  


AUDK Source Code Edition V 3.9
Release date: Dec 2 ,2011  
  • Included all the binary files and the source code files of the standard edition .
  • Developed by Visual C++ 6.0 (MFC needed )
  • Included program guide documentation .
Download (12 M)    


The latest beta version ,release date: May 9, 2011
appface.dll V3.9 beta build 110509
  • Included the latest beta version of appface.dll and What's new .
  • It needs replace appface.dll only when using.
Download (0.5 M)  


Download skins package
Package1 (27 skins , 1 M) Screenshot
Package2 (8 skins , 0.3 M)    
Package3 (8 skins , 0.3 M)    
Package4 (7 skins , 0.3 M)    
Package5 (4 skins , 0.2 M)    


Have trouble with download ? Please tell us .
If you need a copy of AppFace UI Development Kits via E-mail, please note it in the E-mail.


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