Windows application GUI skinning library for
VC C# VB.Net Delphi Visual Basic C ++ Builder,source code available !
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Welcome to AppFace !

AppFace,the easy-to-use GUI skinning solution for Win32 programs, skin the application UI with 2 lines source code !

Jan 20 ,2012. AUDK 3.95 released
  • Rebuild all binary files without UPX , so that the anti-virus would not mistaken AppFace installer as virus or trojan .
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Skin your application
with 2 lines
source code !
AppFace User Interface Development Kits

Skin VC VB.Net Visual Basic C ++ Builder
C# Delphi VB6 Win32 SDK program GUI !

V 3.95 New Released ! ( Jan 20 , 2012 )
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The source code is available !

Users' Comments


This really is an excellent product. Here you go... Great product, I hope you get more orders!

Ken Myers


AppFace User Interface Developoment Kits (AUDK) is a visual application GUI skinning solution that can be used in VC,C#,VB.Net,Delphi,Visual Basic,C++ Builder and Win32 SDK. It includes skinning control, visual skin maker, sample source code under VC,C#,VB.Net,Delphi,Visual Basic,C++ Builder and Win32 SDK as well as technical manual. The skinning library - appface.dll, is the kernel component,it can skin all the created windows automatically in the target application. Developers need load and unload this skin library only to add skins for their applications .No matter you are processing database info system, share software or tool application, AppFace can beautify your software UI rapidly with just several rows of coding. It can greatly reduce your time on UI coding so that you can concentrate on R&D of software core module. AUDK is compatible with Windows 9X,NT,2K,XP,2003 and Vista. Read more...

Source code available !

Great Tool!!! I tried your Trialversion of AppFace and I'm excited! Thanks again,

Paul Lord


The most populare skins
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The top 10 reasons why AppFace is right for you !

Smart skinning ! Skin the whole application UI automatically! Including standard control, system menu and general forms,without changing their default behavior!

The enhanced functions ! Load different skins to one project,help you to develop program UI as attractive as Winamp panel .

Easy to use ! As few as 2 lines source code to skin the target application !

Free skin creator ! The visual skin creator is free, make your own skins easily!

Free skins available ! Users can import skins from XP themes by the free visual skin maker, the vast free skins are available .

Simple to distribute ! All skinning works are done with the same appface.dll embedded when you release the software !

Super compatibility !

  • Compatibale with Windows95,98,ME,NT,2000,2003,XP,Vista
  • Supported VC,VB6.0,Delphi,BCB,C#,VB.Net,PureBasic,Win32 SDK
  • Supported MDI,SDI,Dialog,Form program framework
  • Supported ANSI,UNICODE
  • Supported ATL,WTL,MFC,VCL

Super small ! Appface.dll is 240 kb only , super small URF skin package as around 30KB!

Theme color ! Set theme color for current skin to let it attractive !

Source code available ! Learn more

  • More than 100,000 lines VC++ source code
  • The source code of skinning library , skin editor and sample
  • The full documentation for the source code project
  • Expose you the advanced Windows UI programing technology
The more skins ...



How to make the application skinnable with AppFace ?

Step 1 . Copy appface.dll and URF skins to current project directory and declare interface function just like transferring any Win32 API.
Step 2 . Call SkinStart("yoururf.urf",0,0,1,0,0) before the first window created .
Step 3. Call SkinRemove() before the process terminated

Compile ... all is OK ! So simple and easy to master for whoever who knows Win32 basic programming! Why not download a trial version ? It's free !




Using AUDK benifits you !

AppFace brings many benefits to software developers,the below are the typical :

  • Beautify application GUI ( skin GUI ) with just several lines of source code, more attractive to end users
  • Save time and effort to search and integrate UI control and shorten R&D period
  • Appface.dll as small as 240KB which can greatly minimize your software size
  • No effect on current software process, enhance software stability and maintainablility
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How to make application ui skinnable,customizable? AppFace user interface devlopmnet kits! Skin vc c# delphi visual basic c++ builder 6.0 dotnet vb6.0 csharp program gui with 2 lines
source code ! Customized skins by free skin creator maker,skinned MFC VCL MDI ATL WTL SDI form forms app! The best skinning component control library! Source code available !
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