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AppFace Skin Library Source Code
More than 100,000 lines VC++ source code
The source of skinning library , skin editor and sample
The full documentation
The advanced Windows UI programing technology


Single License * $999 USD Download AUDK trial version
Corporation License ** $2999 USD Download AUDK trial version


After purchase , you can

  • Get AUDK source code package via both CD and internet
  • The package including the full source code of skin library and skin editor,documentation, samples,binary files and installation scripts
  • Upgrade : single license 6 months ; corporation license 12 months
  • Technical support(e-mail) : single license 6 months ; corporation license 12 months
  • Distribute the binary files which compiles from AppFace Source Code Edition without fees


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What is AppFace Skin Library Source code Project ?

AUDK Source Code Edition names AppFace Skin Library Source Code Project ( ASLSC ) too . It uses advanced Windows UI technology to draw each window appearance automatically in the target process with custom functions . It expose you how to skin any windows you want . ASLSC includes :

  • The binary files and the source code files of AppFace skin library ( appface.dll/appfaceu.dll and appfacelib.lib )
  • The binary files and the source code files of SkinTool.exe
  • Samples
  • The skin library and skin editor manual
  • The documentation - AppFace Skin Library Program Guide


How does the skin engine work ?

AppFace could intercept and capture all the windows creation procedure for the target process after loaded , then replaces the window default paint message handlers with its own when needed, and draw the windows as we want .

The figure shows how does it work

The figure shows AppFace modules

It is easy for developers to integrate the skin library with their own projects , 2 lines source code only ! You can see the Samples to learn how to do it for VC,VB6,Delphi,BCB,,C#.Net,Pure Basic projects .


How AppFace Skin Library Source Code Project benefits you ?

AppFace Skin Library Source Code Project expose you how to skin all the windows in an application automatically with 2 lines source code for VC,VB6,Delphi,BCB, , C#.Net ,Power Basic ,Pure Basic projects . It use advanced Windows UI programing technology , you can learn:

  • How to intercept and capture the windows creation or destruction procedure
  • How to know which development tool create the application ?
  • How to identify the windows type : dialog ,pushbutton or tree ?
  • How to do custom draw to the standard Windows controls : frame window, scrollbar ,tree , listctrl, listbox ... ?
  • How to hook Win32 API with Microsoft detours library ?
  • How to replace the windows default message handler with our own ?
  • How to detect a window has whether been skinned ?
  • How to manage the additional data for all the windows in the target proecess ?

more and more ...


Which people need this skin engine source code project ?

  • You have a task of the skin engine development, but you never did this work, you are really don't know how to start.
  • You are planning to become a programmer of Windows UI programing, but you are a new comer.
  • You are meeting a difficult problem of the Windows UI programming, and you cannot solve it.
  • If you are a development manager of project visual appearance , and you are discontenting for developing progress.
  • If you are a student of the computer department, you wish to learn the advanced Windows UI programing technology

AUDK Source Code Edition is the best solution for you! It lead you to enter the field of the Windows UI programing quickly,help you to hold the advanced UI programming technology, do custom draw for any windows you want !


Development Environments

Operation System

Win32 OS , including : Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Development Tool

ASLSC is developed by Visual C++ 6.0 (with MFC) , however you can build the project with Visual C++ 6.0,7.0,7.1, 8.0 ,9.0 or 10.0 (MFC needed) .

The recommended development environments : Windows XP 32bit and Visual C++ 6.0 .


Launch Environments

It could get the binary file appface.dll ,appfaceu.dll and appfacelib.lib by compiling AppFace Skin Library Souce Code Project. The binary files are 32 bit windows library , it can be loaded for 32 bit applications only . Win 64 is compatible with 32 bit applications , so that the 32 bit applications which skinned by ASLSCP binary files works well under Win 64 .

For Win 32 OS , including : Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

appface.dll/appfaceu.dll can be used to VC,VB6,Delphi ,BCB,C#.Net,VB.Net, Power Basic ,Pure Basic projects.

appfacelib.lib can be used to Visual C++ (VC) projects only .

For Win 64 OS , including : Windows XP/Vista/2008/7

The 32 bit applications compiled by VC,VB6,Delphi ,BCB,Power Basic ,Pure Basic works well with AppFace skin library on Win 64.


The Components of AppFace Skin Library Source Code Project

After purchase ,you will get a download URL and a CD ,both of them contains ASLSC compressed package (12 MB) . The figure list the content in the package .

In ASLSC , each function has its comments ; each souce file has its introduction ; each child project has its readme file ; the whole project has an program guide named "AppFace skin library program guide" . All of them help developers to understand the souce code easily .

The below is the content of the folders :

The license statement and AppFace skin library program guide .

The manuals of AppFace skin library and the skin editor .

The output library files (AppFace MFC static library files).

AppFace.dll ,URFs and the samples output binary files.

The full C++ source codes of AppFace .There are total six child projects in Src folder : AppFace.dll , AppFaceLib ,SkinTool.exe ,UrfTest.exe and two help library projects . It has more than 90 thousands lines souce code in the whole project .

The samples of AppFace for VC/VB6/Delphi/C++ Builder/VB.Net/C#/Pure Basic/Win32 SDK.


Can I compile AppFace Skin Library Source Code Library (ASLSC) with 64 bit compiler ?

We do not recommend that . ASLSC uses Microsoft free library : detours.lib to hook Win32 API , the detours library is for 32 bit , so that appface.dll would not work if you compile it with 64 bit compiler .


AUDK Source Code Edition License Statement

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ASLSC does not include the license code management module , in other words ,you can use ASLSC binary files without license code(serial number) limits after purchase ! This is the only difference from the source code edition to the standard edition .


Single License * $ 999 USD
Download AUDK trial version
Corporation License ** $ 2999 USD
Download AUDK trial version


* Single License : One license for one developer use.
** Corporation License : License the corporation to receive one copy of the distribution software and to duplicate the software for any number of people or workstations within the corporation.
*** The above box picture indicate the product is a software only . AppFace do electronic delivery , you will NOT get any noumenal boxes after purchase !



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