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AppFace Skin Tool is the special develop tool for making URF skins .It's a fully visual skin maker .Users can make their own URF skins with it quickly and easily after making ready for the needed images .

There are four areas in SkinTool,users can control the size and position based on their requirements

A. Objects select area
B. Skinned effect area
C. Source image area
D. Property area

As a visual skin maker ,Skin Tool is WYSWYG ,Users can experience the skinning effect when doing the settings. And they can find all the format of the skinning images and the other details in the Skin Tool manual documenation.

Click for large picutre
  • Demo button

You can click Demo button on the toolbar at any time . SkinTool will open a demo URF skin to show you how to do the settings. It will switch to the current project settings when you click Demo button again .It's very convenient for developers to create a new URF skin package.

  • Developers can import skins from XP theme by SkinTool
  • Open and edit a existed URF
  • AppFace skin maker - SkinTool, is a freeware,everyone can use it to make skins for AppFace .
  • This skin maker include in the installation package of AUDK . It can't open powerful URFs if copy SkinTool.exe to the target computer only ,please install AUDK instead.
How to create URF skins by SkinTool ?
Basic URF Skins
Powerful URF Skins


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