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AppFace 2.8 and the later versions support the transparent background . "Transparent" means the child control draw its background with the parent window (form/dialog) 's background settings , so that the child control seems be placed on the dialog/form transparently. This feature is very useful for the condition that the form background is filled with fade color or pictures.

The below figures display the difference of the transparent background and non-transparent background .

Non-transparent background

The transparent background

How to activate the transparent background feature ?


It's easy to activate the transparent feature . It needs not additional souce codes , but set the value of "Transparent" option to True only when designing the URF .

These skin objects have transparent option : Static Text ,CheckBox ,Radio, GroupBox ,DialogPanel ,HyperLink , Tab and TrackBar .

Remark : the transparent background option is available only when the parent window has been skinned by AppFace .

The figure demonstrate how to set CheckBox transparent option



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