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Why I need AppFace ?

The components of AUDK



Why I need AppFace ?

More and more programmers are paying great attention to UI appearance and will search various UI control thru internet trying to make better UI, which causes greater coding volume and poorer software quality.

AppFace User Interface Development Kits ( AUDK ) is a perfect solution for this. it provides a solution for applications beautification by dividing design and coding. Its core appface.dll is a Windows standard dynamic library which is actually a skinned UI control base. When the skinning control is loaded, it can automatically beautify UI as predefined schemes. When design is finished as URF skin, the programmer only needs to load / unload skinning library code. If you want to change software UI, just change according skin file will be OK. It's super convenient!



Component of AppFace User Interface Development Kits (AUDK)

The complete Appface User Interface Development Kits is component of 6 parts, i.e.,skinning component library, technical documentation, sample projects ,URF skin files,visual skin maker and the serial numbe.

Sample project
Serial number
URF skins


Skin library - appface.dll

The appface.dll is a standard Windows dynamic library ( DLL ) which sizes 240K and provides all UI skinning functions. AUDK also includes appface.dll C header file "appface.h" and function import library appface.lib. The two files are used to C/C++ program only. Appface.dll is not an ActiveX control although it's easier.

Interface functions  

The frequently calls

Quick Links

The supported UI controls

Skin application with two lines source code

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Now that appface.dll is a Windows standard DLL,every Win32 program can call its interfaces. It has total ten interface functions:



Load or change skin

Restore the Windows default appearance

Release all the allocated resources by skinning
SkinRemove() ;

Unskin the special window
SkinWindowSet(hWnd,0) ;

Skin the window as the special type forcibly
SkinWindowSet(hWnd ,SKIN_CLASS_XXX) ;

Load another skin to the current project
SkinWindowSetEx(hWnd, ...) ;



Please see AppFace technical documentation for more about the interfaces



The technical documentation - audk.chm

The technical help documentation, instruct developers how to use AppFace UI Development Kits.


Sample projects

The skinned sample projects for VC,C#,VB.Net,Delphi,Visual Basic,C++ Builder,PureBasic and Win32 SDK .

URF skins

URF (UI Resource File) is a kind of file format MatinSoft especially develops for AppFace. Each skin is a URF which comprises all images, size info, sound files used for UI customization.) URF has very small size as around 30K only. MatinSoft will upload updated URF on AppFace website for you to download freely. Read more...


The visual skin maker - SkinTool

SkinTool is a specific visual skin creator and editor for AppFace URF. It's very easy to make URF with AppFace SkinTool when you get images ready. Anyone can use SkinTool to make skin for AppFace. Read more...


Serial number
  • Unregistered users cannot distribute appface.dll and have only 30-day trial period on PC that installed AUDK.
  • Registered user will get serial number to release above-mentioned trial limit.
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How to make application ui skinnable,customizable? AppFace user interface devlopmnet kits! Skin vc c# delphi visual basic c++ builder 6.0 dotnet vb6.0 csharp program gui with 2 lines
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