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What is software skin ?

What is URF skin ?

The Visual Skin Creator



What is software skin ?

A skin is a customized graphic or User Interface (UI) that digital artists create to replace a computer program's default interface. Skins allow users a way to personalize and enhance their application's appearance.


What is URF skin ?

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How to Make skins by SkinTool ?

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URF means UI Resource File .URF (UI Resource File) is a kind of file format MatinSoft especially develops for AppFace. Each skin is a URF which comprises all images, size info, sound files used for UI design. URF supports BMP, JPG, GIF image formats. The images can be compressed and then saved to URF, so URF size is generally speaking as small as 30K. URF uploading is very fast from disk, EMS memory or resources. MatinSoft has developed AppFace SkinTool to make URF. It's very easy to make URF with AppFace SkinTool when you get images ready.


URF skin key features

  • Size as small as around 30KB
  • Make once, but run anywhere! URF skins can be used for VC C# VB.Net Visual Basic C++ Builder PureBasic projects under Windows 9X,NT,2000,XP, 2003 and Vista .

URF skin categories

URF skins can be divided into two categories: Basic URF and Powerful URF.

Basic URF : Basic URF provided by MatinSoft can be used by anyone without license code. Basic URF have very fundamental design for demonstration only . There are total four Basic URF skins listed on our website. Download Basic URF skins for free

Powerful URF : Built by AppFace skin creator - SkinTool (Set "Shared with others" mode). Anyone can use SkinTool to make powerful URF, but only registered users can appface.dll to load created URF skin to application .Unregistered users have only 30-day trial period on PC. There are total 27 Powerful URF skins listed on our website . Download Powerful URF skins for free

The visual skin creator - SkinTool

AppFace provides SkinTool, a special visual skin maker, to help programmer to create their own URF skins . It's a freeware. Anyone can creat URF with this skin creator.


Screenshot


SkinTool key features

  • It's free , no nug form , no ads, and no time limit
  • Total visual, WYSWYG process .
  • Can invert XP themes (*.msstyles) into URF skins
  • Can open(load) and edit a created URF skin
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